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A short film that tells the story of a small group of people who built a seamlessly integrated bio-cultural oasis where nature and people could live together as one. This a social architecture design approach to "homesteading." This is a sample of what the rest of this website contains: a highly integrated design where people play in concert with a mythical environment full of animals, birds, flowers, gardens, food, industry, and places to gather, play, and create art. Discover lifeforce living!

The Artesia Botanical Oasis

We ask everyone to grow and harvest something.

We support loving sense of family.

We host a variety of farming approaches.

We are a team of teams.

We include maintenance, shop, repair.

We honor sense of place and entrance.

We preserve key viewplanes.

We use woofers to learn and leave.

We promote bioasis film.

We host occasional visitors.

We record our solutions in maps o/l.

We identify symbiotic combinations.

We have invented mystic landcrafting.

WE have created culturally supportable zones.

We want to engage all of the senses "Sentience."

We are a model for an Ohana (extended family).

We have invented the concept of "Ramp up Resilience" which means we can easily shift to eating, catching water and a sustainable food supply.

We include beauty as an overall creation.

We entertain the right combination of birds, insects, ground animals.

We prevent pig invasion, and other infestations like fire ants, root driven plants (kava... weeds).

We host shrines that are easily maintained.

We allow sun and wind to not block pathways and plants.


Opening to the Galaxy.


Evolutionary tactics for global forces to activate natural secruriy for planet heaven.


The chance to see the life works of a poly versal human who comes into the next millennium.


Weaving together a new footprint for the habitats of our paradise planet.


A short course in the pursuit of cultural intelligence for a paradise planet.


 The home of think tank BRIGHTFORCE and Jim's daily posts.

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One picture of a starship, a bioasis.

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